. With Valentine's day here soon, is there a "Lover's Lane" in Montrose?

Locations of "Make Out points"

Flat Top Montrose

Is one of the summits in Montrose county and can be found on Horsefly peak. Winter may not be the best time to go.

Sunset Mesa (water tower)

Has stunning views of the city of Montrose and its surrounding mountains. There is also a sunset mesa trail too.

Now depending on where you may be from it seems that most "Make out points" are up hills or winding roads. Check out these areas and additional places in Colorado if you haven't. Maybe there are a few new ones for you too. Some would be great places to propose at. You may have a cool location that none of us know about. Happy Valentine's day! Don't forget your sweetheart!

Lover's Lane or Make Out Points in Colorado

Did you know about all these make out points?

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