Snow. My mom used to say it was a four-letter word. I know we need it, but still not too fond of it unless I'm helping the girls make a snowman. As it’s that time of year, I often find myself wondering why I moved to Colorado. Long story short, it was to follow a boy here. We keep in touch, but obviously, he’s not the reason I stayed here.

I moved here because I got a job in the field I’d wanted to be in since I was about 13 years old. You guessed it – radio. But there are other reasons I’ve stayed in Colorado. The summers are spectacular. Not too hot, like it was where I grew up, and lots of things to do. Don’t get me wrong, the winters are beautiful as well, but I don’t like them starting before we even get to the official start of winter.

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The fall is amazing as well. While I miss the purples and reds in the fall trees, the aspens are gorgeous. There was not a “color weekend” where I grew up, or if there was, I don’t remember it much. Taking a drive through a back-country mountain road, during the fall, is something I really enjoy. My girls now like it too. My youngest usually takes a lot of pictures, and the color weekend is no exception.

My husband is a great skier, and he’s passing his love of the sport on to our daughters. I’ve taught them to enjoy swimming, even if the water is sometimes chillier than I prefer. They’ve both grown to enjoy hiking and fishing too.

I said I followed a boy here, and yes, one of the reasons I stayed in Colorado is because of another boy. We have two girls, and a goofy dog, that I wouldn’t have had otherwise. I miss my family and my old hometown, but I’ve been here longer than I was there. I hope I’ll get used to the cold and the snow someday, and though that hasn’t happened yet, Colorado is home.

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