These days, the number of people smoking cigarettes is at one of its lowest levels in human history. Through effective messaging about the dangers of smoking, not to mention a few laws that have effectively made it illegal to smoke anywhere, ever, people just aren't picking up the habit like they used to.

This is great news, as smoking is a filthy habit that nobody should aspire to have. It's entirely possible that we could see smoking all-but eradicated before the end of many of our collective lifetimes. If you're a fan of breathing, this should be cause for celebration, and in Colorado, we may be better positioned than most to make that a reality.

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A new study from BetColorado has found that Colorado is among the top ten states in the nation for having the least amount of smokers. This is no complicated math, either, as they were simply looking at the percentage of each state's population that smoked cigarettes.

Of the adult population of Colorado, only 12% are smokers. This actually puts us into a three-way tie for 9th place, along with Illinois and New York. We weren't the only states that ended up with a tie, as New Jersey and Washington both took 6th place with 10.7%, while Hawaii and Maryland were tied for 3rd with 10.1%.

Shocking absolutely no one, Utah takes the top spot with a measly 7.12% of the adult population that smokes. Usually, one would use the word 'measly' as a negative, but in this case it's an overwhelming positive. Way to go, Utah! I will say that I was surprised California only had 8.92% of their population smoking, considering the stereotype of cigarettes in Hollywood, but since there are more people in Cali than celebrities, their 2nd place rank becomes more acceptable.

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