In 2023, it's more likely than ever that you know at least a few people who follow a Vegan diet. While they still may be the subject of jokes and gentle ribbing about their self-imposed restrictions, when a Vegan announces their status nowadays, it no longer requires further discussion. This ladies and gentlemen is what progress looks like.

That being said, clearly, we aren't all Vegan. I, myself, for example, find the diet too uninteresting. No, there are still plenty of us that still enjoy food, though if a new report is to be believed, our numbers in Colorado are starting to decline. It turns out that more Coloradans than you might think are at least willing to consider a radical change to their eating habits.

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According to new research from, Colorado is actually the sixth-likeliest state in the nation to convert entirely to Veganism. The bottom four of the list's top five, in ascending order, were Washington, New York, California, and Oregon, respectively. If we're talking about places in America that would be willing to experiment with a statewide diet change, I think it's safe to call these states The Usual Suspects.

What I found initially surprising was that Hawaii, of all places, is the most likely in the United States of America to go vegan. I mean, most Hawaiian-themed meals I've ever had consisted of a lot of roasted meat and fruit, though I've never actually been to the islands, so my experience with the local cuisine is limited. Maybe it's not that much of a stretch.

At the bottom of the list, though still more likely to go Vegan than the 30 states that weren't on this list at all, were Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, Arizona, Virginia, and Ohio.

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