It's almost time for summer, so now is the best opportunity to get prepared. Summer gear isn't quite as expensive as it will be in the near future, and if you try really hard, you just might be able to get a reasonably priced plane ticket for a flyaway vacation at the end of August. If cookouts and long trips are in your summer plans, you're running out of time to make those feasible.

Then again, gas prices might not be that bad this summer, and there are plenty of awesome destinations within a reasonable driving distance for those of us on the Western Slope. Why not skip the plane tickets together and plan a day trip or two this summer? In no particular order, here are 3 great destinations to get you started on an excellent summer on the Western Slope.

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Montrose is a great small town to visit on Colorado's Western Slope most any time of the year, but Montrose really gets a chance to shine in the summer. Not only is there almost always something happening at the Event Center, but we don't seem to have an issue with live music, either. The main draw for Montrose in the summer, however, is the Montrose Water Sports Park. There's enough space for just about everyone to have some aquatic fun, so it's the perfect way to beat the summer heat.


When you're known for something, it's easy for people to forget that you can still do other things. The same goes for places, and that's the exact treatment that Aspen is treated to when it's no longer ski season. Don't sleep on Aspen just because they're a ski town, though; in one place, you can experience almost everything a Colorado summer has to offer, which is pretty darn cool.


Gunnison isn't a particularly large place, but if you're looking for a great spot to enjoy the summer on the Western Slope, this is one of the best. Fishermen have plenty of options for fishing in Gunnison, including the appropriately-named Gunnison River. If you're a hiker, and thus in better shape than I am, you won't be disappointed with what's on offer in Gunnison, either.

If we missed your favorite Western Slope summer destination, let us know where it was with AppChat. Check out the galleries below for even more summertime fun.

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